Top best free paid android apps

Are you an Android user? Here we are listing top best android free paid games which are worth for paid money.You can get them all for free at is the website where I download most of my favorite paid apps for free.

  • Nova launcher prime
  • Solid explorer pro
  • Pocket casts
  • Weather timeline
  • Fenix
  • Battery widget reborn
  • Evolve wallpapers
  • Shuttle plus

Nova launcher prime:

The Nova launcher prime permits the users for deep customisation to point of having more gesture action than any other platforms. The free version of Nova launcher prime is great app and the prime version will makes it better, with a gesture actions such as swiping down anywhere on the home-screen to bring down the notifications or pinch out to launch hearthstone.

The Nova launcher has covered with icon packs as well as hiding the apps that does not used by user. You may also need the free version of Nova launcher and prime unlocked to get the full functionality. Download from GooglePlay

Solid explorer pro:

In an android phones, the file managers are essential app to manage the files stored on it.  Many of the file managers will allow the desktop level development and even support drag and from the pc.

The solid explorer pro is one of the famous file manager used in the android mobiles and in its latest form it is also one of the best-designed apps out in the market. There is a support for various cloud services like USB, OTG, FTP and more.  With the help of Nova launcher and solid explorer, it has free trial versions of all paid games and a paid unlocked.

Pocket casts:

Most of the developers focus on the first app for their products but the shift jelly is very vocal about their support for android operating systems in mobile.  The pocket casts has a robust option set that looks great and works on cross platforms.

The pocket casts the best podcast apps on all platforms are one of the few high profile apps to get the updated apps with new options on the android before ios platform. This app is updated soon with after major operating system that releases and has a custom URL sharing for podcasts. Download from GooglePlay

Weather timeline:

When you thinking about the weather condition of your location, then this best apps for your android mobile. The weather timeline app is created by Sam Ruston which is the first app to calculate the weather condition on your location.

The task bar has been set on this app so high with weather timeline which almost take every other app on the Google Play will place in the comparison. The weather timeline is an amazing weather app which comes with a variety of widget options and weather sources. In this app, you can tweak the app to your liking option with many icon sets and themes as well. Download from GooglePlay


In the present scenario, the Fenix is one of the best apps over all apps in the Twitter platform. This app will gives a default theme as dark theme and customizations for highlight color make it look great as well with the robust muting.

This app will support for multiple new options in twitter and the Fenix is the most powerful android twitter app in the android market. All the shortcomings of the official app such as laggy scrolling and ads also absent in Fenix which makes it as a best app. Download Free

Battery widget reborn:

Most of the Android phones will able to display the battery percentage in the status bar, but none of them will shows the detailed graphs and stats the way battery widget reborn does. This android app will live in your notification shade and can be expanded to reveal a graph of battery usage and different statistics.

The name of this app is misleading due to it is not just a widget but also functional app with battery history and more. There is a free trial version available for the apps as well. Download from GooglePlay

Evolve wallpapers:

There are lots of wallpapers apps on a Google play store but you want to play money for them. An evolve is curetted and it has a categories that you spend as little time as possible to get a gorgeous wallpapers.

If you are looking for the wallpapers that has landscapes category and want to look very good, then without having any doubt you can go for downloading this app. An important thing to note here is, all the wall papers in this app are designed by the great engineers of Google’s design team.

Evolve app even supports the live wall papers, classical arts and more, which is something all wallpaper apps should do. Download from GooglePlay

Shuttle plus:

Most of the people are used the android mobile phones to listen the music and there are multiple android apps to play the music in phones. The shuttle plus is also one of the music app that takes the best parts of material design and merges them with the great options to deliver a good quality of music app for your android devices. Download from GooglePlay

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