Jurassic World: Evolution is Up for Explorations

Jurassic World: Evolution is a concept threaded on the famous movie franchise, Jurassic World. It is more of a motif on Dinosaurs, freshly baked or half-baked with an enigmatic display of creation in the first few scenes. You can’t help but admire the fact that your own Dinosaur theme park is coming alive technologically on your PC, mobile, Xbox but that won’t last till the ending, that is if you don’t get bored or loop eyed only just going through the middle portion of the attempt it has made to give a computer-induced visual to your favorite Dino-movie ever.


Review of the made-up into a game version of an iconic work of Spielberg:

  • Though it is right to say that Jurassic World Evolution tries to give you the opportunity to fabricate your own Dinosaur themed park, it is also right to say that the very first scene is a laugh at the scientifically designed initiation because somehow one Edmontosaurus walks into the frame only to be concocted with a Triceratops.
  • A panorama full of Dinosaurs in the next few frames of the play, trying desperately to immerse your gaming spirit into an altogether different world only ends up being a sight of unintended submergence of all the excitement it had built up.
  • It makes you take up the work of different parks left in desolate forms, either because of fierce storms or bad management. Shifting through a few screens, this might appeal to you because there is tracking down DNA and building up your customized database and many more of simple yet interesting work as you move along. But, the busier the work gets, the less of entertainment quotient for you. So, although there is a progression in the game, it slowly creates a regression on your soul.
  • There is a limitation to the source of diversity in forms of variety because the longevity of the game will soon feel extremely endless and you might just want to break free and let loose all the dinosaurs but then you are stuck in between the four islands.


The bad portions of this game can be summed up into:

  • Constant entry and exit of staff, interrupting the rhythm and pace you were following with contracts and tutorials which are necessary undoubtedly for further increment in the ratings of the park, but who likes to be cut in only to bear with the interference.
  • Multiple uneven glitches in the graphics section.
  • End to variety after a while into the game.

But, it isn’t all about a bad attempt to re-create a massively famous series. There are some good points too and those are:

  • The chance to set up your Dinosaur themed park isn’t like an everyday redundant chance one gets and that will never get boring. The unblocking of Isla Nubar is nothing but an add-on bonus for all the fans.
  • There is also layering up of nascent curiosity and the level of interest as you delve further because there is research, genome database creation and keeping these factors in mind, whichever way you lean into, there is a great deal happening and it is enough entertainment to last for a century.

Download now and play once to find out if it’s good enough for you.

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